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Welcome to 6 Nations!!!
The History
" The Six Nations consist of the: Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca, Onondaga,and Tuscarora.  "
Our history
" We are two Algonkin/Cree brothers, in need a final resting place to post a  few killings here in Battlefield 3, Arma 3... So I've decide to provide our own website, server, & our own rules. We use to play long ago Rainbow 6 the early series, made a few buddies, a few enemies."

No current servers online... Until further notice

But I'm playing @

World War Zombies -----> Arma 3

World War Zombies -----> Arma 2

World War Zombies -----> Miscreated

News & Announcements
Important topics will be posted here
10th Dec 2016 by RainStorm Owner in Admin loadouts ...
12 Posts
9 Topics
The Hangout
Talk about anything here!
27th Nov 2016 by RainStorm Owner in Welcome to our ...
4 Posts
2 Topics
Tech & Help Section
When asking for help, please provide all the details as much as possible
27th Nov 2016 by RainStorm Owner in Addon suggestio...
9 Posts
4 Topics
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